Color Profiles versus Firefox

It was Firefox 3.1 beta in which I've noticed that some photos on the web seem quite warm and a bit too dark. More apparently if the photo had a small preview, that and the original one looked really different. Obviously something broken with color profiles. I've learned that Firefox has support for color profiles since 3.0 but 3.1 will have this enabled by default. I've also found that when I've installed my TFT display, I got a new color profile for it. I could "repair" the colors in two ways:
  1. installing "sRGB Color Space Profile.icm" (shipped with Windows) as the default profile, and
  2. setting gfx.color_management.display_profile in Firefox to the path of the above file.
I'm still wondering what is the correct way.

I've also tried to figure out that what are the color settings of the monitor (Samsun 223 BW) which the shipped profile was made for. On my display there are MagicColor (on/off) and four Color Tone settings (Cool/Normal/Warm/Custom) not to mention Brightness/Contrast. No clue, either.

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